ADS Agency recruits mystery consumers for different projects. 

Our last hard projects:

Premium brand car owners recruiting (Land Cruiser, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen Tuareg, Lexus, Mercedes, Land Rover, Land Cruiser - 2009-2013 г.в) 

Aim: Sale stage service quality estimation. 10 mystery consumers took part in the research.

Recruiting of CEOs and their representatives for them to visit tax inspection and leave an order for USRLE copying. Project aim: tax consultants service quality estimation. 

Lawyers and accountants. 

Project aim – LRS (law referral systems) consultants professional level estimation. 

Preliminary briefing of a mystery consumer and installing video camera and dictaphone, after that client’s employees are invited into mystery consumer’s office to estimate their servise quality. 6 mystery consumers took part in the research.

Working in owning 20 more trucks car park companies purchasing car managers. 

Mystery consumer ought to visit 4 truck dealers centers (different dealers) and to get a consultation about interesting brands and models without audio- and video recording.

After visiting mystery consumers fill the form and give theу materials of the Dealer Center (cutaway, price lists etc.). 28 mystery consumers took part in the research.

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